Alternative Dispute Resolution,
Including Mediation and Collaborative Divorce

While litigation may be necessary to resolve some cases, a group of processes collectively called "Alternative Dispute Resolution" can often spare parties the uncertainty, pain and expense of a full-blown adversarial proceeding leading to an adjudicated decision.  Two common ADR methods are mediation and Collaborative Divorce.  In mediation, a neutral mediator, while advising neither party individually, assists both parties in exploring settlement as a means of avoiding litigation.  In Collaborative Divorce, the parties and their lawyers who remain loyal to and continue to advise their own clients collectively pledge never to become adversarial, and instead strive to work cooperatively to identify what is important to them and how they might best deal with these issues in a mutually beneficial manner.  A more expanded explanation of both mediation and collaborative divorce is available on this website, by clicking on the appropriate button on the Divorce & Custody practice area opening page.

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